BG Molten Wavers - Heat Resistance BBQ Gloves

BG Molten Wavers - Heat Resistance BBQ Gloves

BG Molten Wavers - Heat Resistance BBQ Gloves

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Never feel heat while wearing these gloves

With Molten Wavers nothing is too hot to touch! Sturdy, comfy and flexible they are the perfect wear for dangerous work at high temperatures.

You can put your hands into the fire without even sensing the heat. Never burn yourself again while cooking on the grill or stove. Protect your hands from heat up to 1472°F.

Molten Wavers eliminate the risk of burning yourself when you put them on. Why use a tool to stir the fire when you can do it with your hands at no risk.

Why Molten Wavers are for you

Never burn your fingers again- You won’t feel the heat no matter what you are touching. Molten Wavers resist even the highest temperatures.

Work the griller with ease- Cook safely without the threat of burning yourself. Stir the coals and grab the hot dishes easily with your hands.

Makes dangerous work harmless- Molten Wavers can secure your hands from any work involving high temperatures. Grab burning objects without feeling a thing.

Molten Wavers are the ultimate choice- If you are looking for the ultimate protection from high temperatures then put them on and never burn for hands again.



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