BG Bumbock - Non-Stick Burger Makers

BG Bumbock - Non-Stick Burger Makers

BG Bumbock - Non-Stick Burger Makers

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Create the juiciest burgers

Everyone loves a big burger! Bumbock is the presser for that job. In seconds you can create evenly big stuffed patties so you always get more burger than a bun.

Bumbock makes the perfect patty in a few simple steps. Space is left for you to fill the meat with stuffing. The non-sticky coverage leaves the presser and workplace spotless.

Make your best burgers yet without having to shape the meat with your hands. Bumbock takes your burger game to a whole new level.

Why Bumbock is for you

Perfectly shaped patties- The pressers shapes the meat to the perfect proportion of the bun. Now everyone gets a big burger!

For professional recipes- The presser leaves room for stuffing between the meat. Endless recipes are waiting to be tried.

Less work, more burgers- Bumbock gets the patties done super quickly without leaving a mess after. Get the best burgers with no sweat.

Bumbock is the ultimate choice- Awe the guests when you bring the juiciest burgers they’ve ever tasted. Nothing beats a big stuffed patty. 



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